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"He's just zis guy, you know?"

Game Dev-ing in the Open

I’ve had the inklings of an idea for a story for a long, long time. For as long as I’ve had this idea, I’ve wanted to publish it out there for everyone, ideally as a webcomic. However, when I first got the idea, my skill-set wasn’t great and I knew even then that I wouldn’t…

New Year, New Site

First real blog post of 2023, thinking about new website, and looking forward to the rest of the year!

Bold and Brash

This was a fun little YCH that Rysdan was offering a while ago back on Twitter. Thank you again!

Ace Pride

This was done by request (a great many thanks again, Ryu!) during one of WWCO’s livestreams. Still used as an avatar in many places!