About Me

Hey hi! I’m Harlan, a fox on the internet. I’m also:

  • Enjoyer of sushi
  • Ace/demisexual, happily married
  • Liberal Christian
  • Avid Destiny 2 player
  • Pencil puzzle enthusiast (especially variant sudoku!)
  • HTML / CSS nerd (who needs javascript, amirite? /s)
  • Probably ADHD (no point in making it official)

About Studio Yip!

Studio Yip! is a name by which I do extra official business-y things. Here, I make things like art, websites, and all manner of interesting and eclectic things. If you’d like to make something, send me a message! If nothing else, I’m fun to talk to. :3

This website is brand new, but I have ~10 years of web experience, mainly in the field of WordPress, Tumblr, and static sites. As time goes on, I hope to post here whenever there are new themes on sale, but if you want something custom, I’m happy to help!